Watching the desert sky and walk on the golden dunes of Maranjab desert. Off-road, riding camels and salt lake the most popular landscape of Maranjab.
Enjoy your state at the old caravanserai.

Maranjab Desert is part of Isfahan desert and close to Kashan province, where normally recommended to tourists and visitors who are eager to visit Kashan spend a time at Maranjab desert. Maranjab is popular among domestic and foreign visitors as it is one of the closest deserts to the Capital (Tehran).

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Depending on the Arrival time to Tehran
DEPARTURE TIME  Depending on the Departure time to Tehran
Professional tour operator Transfer
Local transportation Professional guide
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Day 1: Arrival

Depending on the time of your arrival to IKA airport a transfer is managed to take you to your Hotel in Tehran.

Day 2: Heading to Kashan

After breakfast and check out from the hotel, a transfer is managed to take you to Kashan.

After check in at hotel, we have a half-day city tour to visit borojerdi’s house and Tabātabāei House. Stay the night over at hotel in Kashan.


Day 3: Go Maranjab

Today we need to pack up and drive to Maranjab desert, so after breakfast we check out from the hotel and drive straight to Maranjab. Stay the night at the old caravanserai.

Day 4: The dunes and the salt lake

Today we have plenty of time for safari and sand skiing on the dunes. And visit the salt lake of Maranjab. Transfer from Maranjab to Kashan. Stay the night over at Hotel in Kashan.

Day 5: Departure

Today depending on departure flight, a transfer from Kashan to IKA airport is provided.
  1. Valid Passport – that has at least six months to its expiry date.
  2. Iran Visa – there are different ways of getting Iran Visa.

E-Visa: You can go to Evisa website, fill up the form, and obtain your visa from embassy or consulate. Note that Iran doesn’t have embassy in some countries, so if your country is among one of them, then you have to go to one of the Iranian Interest Offices to obtain your Visa.

Visa on Arrival: you can also have “on Arrival visa” that will be obtained in airport, with a reference code or without it.

Reference Code: The reference code is what agencies give you that speeds up the visa process. The reference code is also a guarantee that shows you will definitely get a visa. For the citizens of countries like USA, England, Canada, Iraq, Colombia, Jordan, Sumali, Pakistan and Srilanka, even with reference code, the visa should be obtained in the country of origin.

No Reference Code: this approach has more risk and take more time. The citizens of countries like USA, England, Canada, Iraq, Colombia, Jordan, Sumali, Pakistan and Srilanka, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh can’t use this approach.

  1. Hijab – all women that want to enter Iran should follow a dress code that includes head scarf, long sleeve shirt (preferably long enough to cover the backside), and pants or long skirt (up to ankles).
  2. Alcohol – Alcohol is banned in Iran, however, some hotels and restaurants serve non-alcoholic bears.