Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing and using our services. By reading this terms and conditions you agree to accept all the terms and conditions mentioned below on our website otherwise you might not be using our services.

  • The nature of our activity

Iran Active Holidays (IAH) gathers travel information and data related to guide travelers to choose the most suitable programs for their venture.

IAH assists its customers to find the best travel trips and tour operators. Here our customers can find the best trips and travel programs based on their interests.

  • Definitions
    • All the means by words “us”, “we” or “our” refers to IranActiveHolidays, aka (IAH) or the company corporate affiliates.
    • The word for “Trip/Product provider” refers to our third party.
    • The word “you” refers to the customer.
  1. Selling the product on Iran Active Holidays

We do not sell travel packages on, here Iran Active Holidays does not own any travel or trip programs. Here we provide a website just to access you the travel programs. You must notice that the owner of the packages are the travel providers (or the travel agency). And the travel provider is the responsible for the products.

Iran Active holidays only hosts the contents of the trip programs including the description, price, itinerary and other related data for the products.

You will definitely link from our website to other domains and websites, but you must notice that we are not responsible for them. We only provide these contents to provide you the offers by different tour operators. You must be careful to check the terms & conditions of their websites.

  1. Booking a trip

Once you found your suitable trip, you will be referred to the main domain of the provider of the product that you chose. So the responsible of the product is the owner of the product (product provider) not Iran Active Holidays (IAH). So in case that you face any issue or controversy with your booking/product, you agree that you will address your problem with the product provider to resolve the issue.

  1. Contents, photos and other materials

All the contents and materials using on is belong to our team and our corporate affiliates. All copyright must be printed on the papers that you might use or mentioned if you share them on your websites, weblogs or any other social Medias. Also the other contents that are belonged to the third parties is owned by the corporate affiliates so in case of any changes to those information you must get to our third party (the product provider) and follow their terms & conditions.

Also if you face any services or copyright violation from our side you can notify us by writing your request to our copyright agent (Through our contact us page).

  1. Use our website

Only once you register on our website you become the user of our website. And be able to use our services including booking trips. Here you agree that you are the responsible for maintaining your passwords and your account information. You here also agree that to update all information of yours in case that your information change.

  1. Payments

Once you book a trip you agree to follow up all terms & conditions of IranActiveHolidays and also the trip provider (any possible additional terms). So you agree to accept the cancellation and no-show rules related to the trip you chosen. Please be careful that cancellations and no-show policies may vary depending on the product or even the product provider terms and conditions, so you must carefully read the rules and also important information related to your bookings. In case that you want to cancel your trip you must contact us through email and after you received the confirmation email and then you can follow the instruction regarding to cancel your trip. Here you must please notify that you might be charged for cancelation according to the terms and conditions of the product provider.

  1. General rules

Terms & conditions might change during the time without any further notice to you. So the responsibility to keep yourself all the time updated with our privacy policy and terms & conditions is on you. In order of any changes to the terms & conditions of our website along with your continued usage of our website, your acceptance on our updated terms & conditions will be considered.

  1. Fees and Prices

All the prices of the packages and trips here on our website are offered by the trip providers. Here you might find very different prices as they are all competitive and must noticed that different tour operators might offer different prices for their packages. Please be noticed that there might be similar tours with different prices and IranActiveHolidays has no authority on determining the prices of the products.

Our services are all free of charge and the payments and fees that you pay is based on the services that you will use. We will not add any fees on our products that we sell on our website. But you must be careful with the tax rules that might differ through the location of your trip and have additional costs on the products.

  1. Privacy Policy

For further information you can check out our privacy policy.

  1. Age policy

You must be at least 18 years old to be considered eligible and credible for using our services. In case that you are less than 18 you must be accompanied with an adult throughout your trip. The accompanied person also hereby accepts and agrees upon this terms and condition.

  1. Booking information

You must be providing the required information regarding booking/buying your trip and be careful to enter all the required information correctly as we do not take any responsibilities regarding any kind of wrong or misspelled information. You must be careful with entering your correct contacts (including emails or phone calls) in case for being in touch and get new updates about your trip. The trip provider will not take the responsibility of any loss regarding the wrong personal information and misspelled names and other errors of the same nature.

As here on our website you would be linked to other tour operators you must be noticed that all the information and required may vary in accordance with the trip provider.