Ski-Mountaineering in Iran

Ski-mountaineering in Iran

Iran is a vast country which offers array of activities for visitors. For instance, mountains in Iran offer lots of adventures and expeditions. Are you a fan of adventures which test your endurance, resilience and strength? Then why don’t you try ski-mountaineering? It is a fun activity in which you can ascend many famous mountains such as Damavand. Damavand is the highest mountain in Middle East.

Here we have provided you a list of three popular mountains you can go ski-mountaineering in Iran.


There is no need to say that Damavand is the highest volcano of Asia and it is the highest mountain in Middle East. Damavand (5610m.) is part of Alborz Mountain Range and it is located in Amol, Mazandaran Province. There are variety of activities in Damavand. Although trekking is the most popular activity, so many people come to try ski-mountaineering on Damavand. There are three routes to take in order to ascend. The south face is the easiest one and doesn’t need any special skill. The best time to try ski-mountaineering on Damavand is from autumn to spring though the weather is a bit unstable in winter.

If you are willing to stay in Damavand during your skiing, you can stay in either of Rhine mountaineering lodge and Polour mountaineering lodge. You can also set up your own tent which makes your loads so heavy and it is space-consuming. So you can try eco-camps instead which is more reasonable.


Alam-kuh (4848m) is the second highest mountain in Iran which is located in Kalardasht, Mazandaran Province. There are two faces in Alam-Kuh where you can climb. “Alamchal” is the hardest path and it is popular among big wall climbers. “Hesarchal” is the easiest path where you can also try ski-mountaineering.

Regarding the snow season, ski-mountaineering is better to be done between November and March.

Do not forget to pay for your permit ascend at the the Federation Mountaineering Lodge, before starting your venture.


As you might know, Sabalan is a Crater Lake mountain which is the third highest mountain in Iran. It is located in Meshginshahr, Ardabil Province. There are so many activities available in Sabalan depending on the season you are planning to visit Sabalan. Apart from Trekking and climbing which are the popular and common activities, Ski-Mountaineering is also suggested.

If you are planning on a stay in Sabalan, it is suggested that book a hotel in Sareyn so that you can visit the city and enjoy the springs which contain sulphur particles in it.

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