Mahmood Hashemi

The CEO and the founder of IRAN ACTIVE HOLIDAYS (IAH). Mahmood is a professional mountain climber who has climbed eight thousander mountains in Himalayas including Broad Peak, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Gasherbrum II, Gasherbrum I, Makalu, Nanga Parbat and Lhotse. He has been active since 2010 in tourism business and conducting professional mountain climbing tours and expeditions on foreign or domestic mountains.

Soheil Asefi

Soheil is the General Manager of Iran Active Holidays (IAH). He is a mountain climbing enthusiasts and climbed most leveled mountains in Iran. He has started mountain climbing since he was 16 years old and been active in tourism business for 2 years. Currently active in conducting mountain climbing tours.

Mehdi Bigdeli

Mehdi is the Director of our International Relations. He is also a professional mountain climber and member of Iran mountain climbing team. The most trusted mountain guide of our team. Quite experienced in ice-climbing, rock climbing and is also mountain climbing coach. He has also climbed six thousand meters mountains on Himalayas, and climbed Mount Lenin along with Iran mountain climbing national team in 2015.

Amirhossein Arefniya

The youngest member of our group. Amirhossein is a professional ice climber and member of Ice-climbing youth national team. He is the manager of our technical and head of our web-developers team.

Mahsa Bayaneh

Mahsa is majored in English literature but because of her interests in Nature she has passed professional tour guiding courses. She is quite experienced in leading and conducting cultural and adventure trips. She is also responsible for managing and designing our travel programs, all interesting trip ideas come from her mind.

Shohreh Khalili

Shohreh is the second youngest member of our team and studied tourism management. She has quite experience in conducting and team management for incoming trips. And head of our international communication who keeps every travel lovers with us. Quite responsible and always available.

Arash Iravani

Arash is the head of Cultural forum in Iran Active Holidays (IAH). He is expert in water activities and interested in cultural and sport events. To be exact this section we plan and organize activities and events that with aim of developing the Eco-tourism activities. Moreover, these activities are  going to enhance the public knowledge about keeping the environment green.

Sara Jafari

Sara one of the experienced and enthusiast of us. She has studied geography and truly one of the suitable persons for her position. She is active in incoming section. Sara conducts and plan the tours and trips. Also she is has experienced in Visa application, and m,managing stuffs related to the Visa fr our trips.

Arash Abdi


Arash, one of the most talented in our group. He is experienced in Swimming and is also an active life guard. Beside that he is quite interested in mountain climbing and conducted many ascends on most famous summits in Iran. Arash is the motor promoter in IAH. through him everyone can hear about us and everyone would know us.