SKI Alborz

Ski on one of the longest mountain ridges of Iran and ski down from Damavand mountain (5610m). On this tour you can have a chance to ski your way up

Sabalan Trek

Sabalan (4811 m) undoubtedly one of the most popular summits or Iran. This program includes trekking Mount Sabalan and two day city tour including Tehran and Ardabil. DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION IFN


Kurdistan, collection of visiting sites and remarkable villages with rich culture at western side of Iran. Oramanat is located in Kurdistan and widely known for the unique stone made and


Trek on the remote areas of Bakhtiari region and observe the symbolic life style of nomads. DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION San Francisco International Airport DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before


Climb mount Damavand, the highest volcano of Asia (5610m). Including 3 days trekking with meals. On this tour you can have a chance to ski your way up to the

DAMAVAND & Alam-kuh

Trek Alam-Kuh and climb the highest volcano of Asia "MOUNT DAMAVAND" On this package you can climb the first and the second highest summits of Iran Mount Damavand (5610m), and

Ski on the resorts

This trip is about skiing on the Tehran’s ski resorts. Including Tochal, Dizin and Darbandsar by the order. In this trip you can enjoy a full day city tour in

Reghez Canyon

Two nights in Fars province by spending one day in Reghez canyon. 72 waterfalls, 72 jumps from different heights. A day that you will never forget. TWO NIGHTS IN FARS

Maranjab Desert

Watching the desert sky and walk on the golden dunes of Maranjab desert. Off-road, riding camels and salt lake the most popular landscape of Maranjab. Enjoy your state at the

Damavand North-East

This trip is all about the climb of the highest mountain in Iran “Damavand (5610m). But with a little difference from the other trips. On this program we are going

BigWall Climbing (Alam-Kuh)

Alam-Kuh (4848 m) is the most technical mountain to climb in Iran. From trekking to BigWall climbing. This trip is about trying one of the most enjoyable routes to ascend

Sabalan Expedition

Sabalan Mountain is located at the coldest part of Iran. It can be named as an undisputed ascend for climbers who are interested to challenge themselves and experience something than

Iran round around

From Persepolis to the Tehran. a trip that will get you through Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan and eventually Tehran. This trip includes visiting 5 big and historical provinces of Iran

5.13 Crack Climbing

Alam-Kuh (4848 m) is one of the well-known places in Iran for rock climbing and of course BigWall Climbing. There are plenty of routes to climb in Alam-Kuh here depending

Tehran Boulder

Have you ever wondered how does it look like to climb rocks and boulder at Tehran? To answer this question, all it takes is just a "bouldering trip" to Tehran.

Through Iran

Iran's name is associated with history and culture. so you are interested in history ?? you definitely will love Iran. This trips includes visiting the most historical sites in 3

BigWall project

This trip is exclusively for rock climbers who are interested to challenge themselves in different styles like Sport climbing, Bigwall climbing or Bouldering. On this trip you will climb in

Damavand and Sialan

Trekking on the face of the highest volcano of Asia and the highest point of Qazvin province Mount Sialan (4177 m). Plus one day city tour of Qazvin and Tehran.

Love 4 Boulder

Qazvin is thoroughly one of the greatest locations for Bouldering and rock climbing in Iran. This trip is a combination of Rock climbing and cultural trip in Iran. Suitable for

A BigWall to Climb

Mount Bisotun is the highest BigWall in Iran (1200 m Height). Also known as the heaven for rock climbers in Iran. This trip is about climbing different routes with different