Must See Places in Iran

Must See Places in Iran

Iran is a country with a great history. Since Iran is a home to so many remarkable monuments, historical cities ad variety of activities. It might be hard to choose what to do and where to visit on your trip to Iran because each city you step in, there is a great history behind it. Here we are going to give you a hint on cities you should not miss at all.


Isfahan is located in center of Iran and is the capital of Isfahan Province. It is owing so many UNESCO world heritage sites and spectacular treasures. In Isfahan you can start your explore from Naqsh-e Jahan square. It dates back to Safavid dynasty. There, you can also visit two incredible mosques which are Jame Mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah. The architecture and ultramarine tile works are spiritual. After that you can take a long walk on Si-o-se Pol (Si-o-se Bridge) by the Zayande River and on your way to Jolfa, the Armenian quarter. You will see Vank Cathedral and frescos on the walls which portray stories from the holy Bible. If you are not a vegetarian, you can also enjoy delicious Beryani (aka Beryooni) with Persian bread.

Naqshe Jahan sq, Isfahan, Iran


After visiting Isfahan Kashan could be the next destination. It is a part of Isfahan Province and you can easily get there by bus or train from both Isfahan and Tehran. Kashan is mostly famous for its traditional houses. Each house has a unique thing to offer. For instance: Abbasi House is famous for the stained glass windows. Tabatabayi House has the most beautiful stone reliefs and stained glass windows. Boroujerdi House has stunning paintings on the walls and ceiling. But houses are not the only attraction of this small town. The Aqa Bozorgi Mosque is one the greatest 18th century mosques. It worth a visit. Moreover, you should visit Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse. It is a traditional bathhouse which is divided into two sections, the dressing hall and the bathing hall. You can also enjoy the rooftop view.

In addition, Fin Garden is a UNESCO world heritage since 2012 and it is one of the most famous gardens in Iran. There, you can visit Fin bathhouse as well.

Furthermore, you can visit the village of Abyaneh which is a 2 hour ride from Kashan.


Kerman is located in south east of Iran and it is mostly a desert city. I highly recommend you to start your explore from the Lut Desert which used to be hottest spot on earth four years in a row. Then you can visit The Grand Bazaar which is the second oldest Bazaar in Iran. Fath Abad Garden is also a must see since it is surrounded by pistachio gardens. Bam is also two hour ride far from Kerman. It was hit hard by an earthquake and it is not completely restored yet. There you can visit a sandcastle fortress. In addition, Bam used to be an important crossroad on the Silk Road.

Kerman, Iran


Tabriz is an Old Iranian Capital located in North West of Iran. It is a home to so many historical heritages. Moreover, it is an origin of so many delicious Persian cuisine. Travelers might want to start their trip to Tabriz by exploring the UNESCO world heritage Bazaar. You can basically find everything there, from gold and carpet to pots and pans. Blue Mosque with its blue tiles and Islamic calligraphy worth a visit.

Tabriz like Isfahan has a community of Armenian community. Therefore you can see some churches in Jolfa, Tabriz. The most famous Church is St. Stephanos Monastery. Kandovan village is often compared to Cappadocia, Turkey. You can see fascinating volcanic rocks on the side of cliff.

Tabriz, Iran


Yazd is a UNESCO world heritage city of Iran! It is mostly known for its wind catchers. But they are not the only attractions of Yazd. You can visit Jameh Mosque with beautiful tile works and calligraphies, Fire Temple for Zoroastrian’s worship, Tower of silence and etc. also you shouldn’t miss the desert tour where you can camp there and enjoy the night sky.

Yazd, Iran

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