Caves in Iran

Caves in Iran

If you like Darkness, Silence and Humidity, you should explore caves and all mysteries hidden underground. There are around 300 caves in Iran and each of them comes with a different structure.

Exploring caves are an interesting activity for adventure seekers. Here, we are going to inform you about some of the famous caves in Iran.

Ali Sadr Cave in Iran

For sure, Ali Sadr Cave is the most popular cave in Iran. It is the longest river cave and salt cave in the world. It is located in the heart of Zagros Mountain in Hamadan Province, the west of Iran. This 70 million year old cave let us explore the cave with a boat because it benefits from high ceiling. While paddling your boat on the water, you will see drawings of animals and hunting scenes which tell us that it used to be a living space for prehistoric.



Temple of Hercules or Karaftu Cave in Iran

This mysterious cave is located in Kurdistan Province. Entrances of this cave have been modified by inhabitants of this area during time. The strange naming is because of the writing on the wall of one of the entrances which is: “Where Heraclitus dwells the evil cannot enter.” This can show that maybe it used to be temple of Greek god, Heraclius.

Katale Khor Cave in Iran

This cave is located in Zanjan Province. This cave belongs to Jurassic time although it was found around 67 years ago. Having seven floors have made this cave so unique. Moreover, there are so many famous shapes for stalactites. Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit this magnificent cave.

Katale Khor Cave

Kala Cave in Iran

Kala Cave is located in Kermanshah Province and it is famous for the beautiful waterfalls. There are also special species of bats living in this cave.

Due to expeditions that have been conducted, some bowls and coins of Sassanid Dynasty. In addition, you cannot visit the whole area. Only some parts of the cave is open to visitors.

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