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Stargazing night sky in desert regions in Iran-3

Here we are going to introduce some of the best desert sites for stargazing night sky in Iran (Section Three) Stargazing night sky in desert regions in Iran Khor village (khoosef ) south khorasan Tthere are lots of amazing and beautiful deserts  in desert regions in khorasan like around ferdos and Boshruye. But here we

Stargazing night sky in desert regions in Iran-2

Here we are going to introduce some of the best desert sites for stargazing night sky in iran (section two) Stargazing night sky in desert regions in Iran Matin abad Matin abad desert has got its name from a near village to this desert and it is one of the best desert destinations for desert

Stargazing night sky in desert regions in Iran

Here we are going to introduce some of the best desert sites for stargazing night sky in Iran (section one) Stargazing night sky in desert regions in Iran Travelling to the desert region is one of the most attractive places and attractions of ecotourism for Iranians. Among scientists and tourists you can find many people

Famous Churches in Iran

Famous Churches in Iran (part one) Churches are the main sign of Christianity religion. There are many known churches in Iran according to the extensive presence of Christians. The official religion in Iran is Islam and the majority of religious minority is Christians. History of Christians in Iran backs to the very first years of

Solar eclipse of December 26, 2019

Solar eclipse of December 26, 2019 An annular solar eclipse occurred on December 26, 2019. A solar eclipse happened when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, so totally or partly obscuring the Sun for a viewer on Earth.  An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun’s, blocking most of the Sun’s light and causing the Sun


Zanjan Zanjan city is the provincial capital of Zanjan and located in north west of Iran. This city is an ancient and historical city. Its in companion with Ghazvin from east, Kordestan from south west and west and from north with Ardabil and Azerbaijan and with Gilan from north east and from south with Hamedan.

Horse riding in iran

A review of the horse riding history Horse riding is one of the sports that has been under more attention in the recent decades. Although it has a deep history. This activity is one of the ancient sports. Nowadays horse riding is a healthy and useful competition activity. Also an amusement to spend your free

Tabriz the city of pioneers

Tabriz is the third big city in Iran. It had special historical and economical position since many years ago. This city was once the capital city and it is the center of East Azerbaijan, and has variable days in his history. The city used to be a village near Sahand Mountain and shaped during the

The biggest island in persian gulf 

The biggest island in persian gulf  Qeshm is the biggest island in south of Iran and persian gulf. It is surrounded by several other islands. Hengam and Lark are located on the south of qeshm and from North West the island is in companion with Hormoz, Abbas harbor and Khamir harbor. Not all parts of

Isfahan,the historical city

Isfahan, the historical city Isfahan  is one of the amazing destinations for tourists in iran. It is a rich historical heritage center. The city is about 430 kilometers far from southeast of Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Isfahan used to be the capital of Iran for many years.By the time of safavid government, it

Amazing Shahsavan Nomads

Amazing Shahsavan Nomads Shahsavan nomads are belong to the North West side of Iran especially in Ardabil and Oromiye. Shahsavan means the people who love the king. In fact, Shahsavan is the combination of two words, Shah that means Sevan, which means people in Turkish language. However, after the big revolution in Iran they became

Caves in Iran

Caves in Iran If you like Darkness, Silence and Humidity, you should explore caves and all mysteries hidden underground. There are around 300 caves in Iran and each of them comes with a different structure. Exploring caves are an interesting activity for adventure seekers. Here, we are going to inform you about some of the

Wandering Tehran

Wandering Tehran There are more to do in Tehran than staying for a night before your trip to historical cities. Leaving Tehran without a proper visit would be a huge loss. Tehran is a metropolitan city which never sleeps. You cannot find so many big and important cities like Tehran where you can enjoy so

Museums in Tehran

Museums in Tehran Most of the travelers prefer to stay the first night in Tehran and then they leave for cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and etc. while Tehran is a city where worth a visit itself. There are plenty of museums in Tehran which you can visit. You will be able to see breathtaking

Bakhtiari Nomads

Bakhtiari Nomads Bakhtiaris are the southwestern tribe of Iran and probably one of the biggest ones. They mostly inhabit Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, Lorestan, Bushehr and Isfahan Province. But they are considered as Lur people. Today, the remaining nomads of Bakhtiari no longer make daylong hikes to their summer pastures. They carry their stuff and

Must See Places in Iran

Must See Places in Iran Iran is a country with a great history. Since Iran is a home to so many remarkable monuments, historical cities ad variety of activities. It might be hard to choose what to do and where to visit on your trip to Iran because each city you step in, there is

What to Eat in Iran

What to Eat in Iran Apart from breath-taking architecture and historical monuments, Iranian food and cuisine deserve a recognition.  Each province you step in, you can see variety of Iranian cuisines specialized for that region and it portrays culture of that place and diversity of the climate.  There are two types of restaurants in Iran.

Warmest place ever recorded

Warmest place ever recorded You are reading about one of the top 10 hottest places on planet Earth. Wandering a landscape covered with thousands of beautiful towering sculptures is not something an adventure enthusiast would let go of. Dasht-e Lout is one of the amazing destinations to visit where Shahdad (shah-dad) desert is a part

Hormuz, Island of Rainbows

Hormuz, Island of Rainbows Hormuz is an elliptic forgotten Island full of wonderful phenomena. It is located in Persian Gulf, south of Iran. It is a landscape with colorful soil. Because of that some people call it Rainbow Island. There is a mountain with an edible soil which can be used as spice in food.

Iranian Handicrafts

Iranian Handicrafts As a tourist in Iran, you might be thinking of what to buy as a souvenir. Well, you have array of choices since Iran is a country of art and it is one of the ancient civilizations of the world. moreover, each handicraft tells a lot about each period and portrays diversification of

All about Iranian Visa

All about Iranian Visa Hello and welcome to our website. If you are planning on a trip to Iran, a great piece of history, definitely the first step is to apply for Iran Visa. Most people think it might be hard process but to be honest, it is not as hard as it seems. Moreover,

Must see places in Isfahan

 Must see places in Isfahan Isfahan is a big and historical city located in center of Iran. In fact, Isfahan is a home to three UNESCO world heritage sites, breathtaking architecture, splendid mosques and so many other hidden treasures no tourist would want to miss. Apart from all of these amazing characteristics, Isfahan is a

All about transportation and communication

All about transportation and communication Travelling to a new country specially the ones with a different language can be quite stressful. You might have no clue what to do or how to get to your hotel after you had your passport affixed. If you have booked your ticket to Iran, there are things to know

Ski-Mountaineering in Iran

Ski-mountaineering in Iran Iran is a vast country which offers array of activities for visitors. For instance, mountains in Iran offer lots of adventures and expeditions. Are you a fan of adventures which test your endurance, resilience and strength? Then why don’t you try ski-mountaineering? It is a fun activity in which you can ascend

Top 5 places to visit in Shiraz

Top 5 places to visit in Shiraz Here on this note we are trying to introduce you the most worth visiting places to visit in Shiraz. To begin with, Shiraz is owned 3 of the most perspicuous monuments of UNESCO a world heritages. And it has a quite good reputation among travelers from all over

Where to Trek in Iran

Where to Trek in Iran Having one of the largest potentials in tourism, puts Iran among the most famous destinations for travelers. In Iran, you have variety of activities to do such as visiting so many historical places, trying delicious cuisine or enjoying diverse array of landscapes by. Speaking of landscapes, Iran is a home

Yazd, The World Heritage City

Yazd is the capital of Yazd province that located in central part of Iran which is so dry. IN fact Yazd is the first adobe city in the world and after Venice in Italy, it is the second historical city. In addition it was selected as a world heritage status in the 41th session UNESCO

Sabalan Mountain

Sabalan Mountain Sabalan (4811m) aka Savalan, in Turkish means where the water flows. Mount Sabalan has a Crater Lake summit and it’s the third highest mountain of Iran. In Addition to that, Sabalan is part of Alborz mountain range, located in Meshginshahr, Ardabil. Further, the location of Sabalan it has special spot among Iranians in

A Great Piece of History

A Great Piece of History Have you ever considered travelling to Iran? you’ll need Visa, Accommodation and of course getting familiar with the common activities in Iran. Below you can reach the information you need for your travel to Iran. Visa Probably the first step after your decision is to apply for a visa. There

Damavand Trekking

Damavand Trekking The third German team in a row this season. Posting the while we are at the eco camp (4200 m). Our friends just made it to the top and all came back safe. Enisa eating noodles to recover all the energy she has lost during the ascent. Frank talks to Stephan and me

Highest Volcano Of Asia

Highest Volcano Of Asia Damavand Damavand Mountain is the highest volcano of Asia (5610 m). It is part of Alborz mountain range and quite popular among mountain climbers and those who love to trek one of the highest mountains in the world. In addition, Damavand is the highest volcano of Asia. Regarding to that reason

Valley of Stars

Valley of Stars Valley of stars, one of the most unique Geo-sites in Iran. Where you can see geological structures with special forms that has been created around 2 million years ago. This valley has become part of the world heritage sites and regarding to that there are educational programs based on the UNESCO rules